Daily Schedule

Goslings- Campers who have finished a full year of Pre-k or Kindergarten

Chickadees-Campers who just finished 1st grade, or have done 2 years in the Goslings

Finches- Campers who have finished 2nd or 3rd grade

Cardinals- Campers who have finished 3rd grade

Ravens- Campers who have finished 4th or 5th  grade

Meadowlarks- Campers who have finished 5th or 6th grade

Hawks- Campers who have finished 7th or 8th grade

CIT 1- Campers who have finished one or 2 years in the Hawk program and have shown leadership qualities. Their counselors will recommend a camper for the CIT program after 1 year or in some cases their 2nd year as a Hawk.  They will participate as a Hawk Camper in the morning and a will become a Counselor in Training in the afternoon.

CIT 2- This is an invitation only program where campers who have shown outstanding leadership and have excelled as a CIT 1. are invited to join our CIT 2 program. The camper fees are covered by The Greenfield Kiwanis Club.  We will hire future Junior Counselors from this program.  Please note that becoming a CIT 2 does not guarantee employment by camp.  There simply is not the turnover in counselors to guarantee jobs.  

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