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"The online portal is awesome!  It definitely makes my life easier. " -- Katie O'Hara Edwards

"Sherry & Ron, I just finished setting my kids up through the online system, and I'd just like to say THANK YOU for making this a million times easier for parents. I enrolled them online a few weeks ago, and then logged back in today to pay my balance and to update their medical information. The entire process took WAY less than half the time of filling out all those forms by hand, scanning them back to you, and then having one of you call me later on because you cannot interpret my messy handwriting. I didn't feel like I was wasting time filling out identical paperwork for two kids, and the fact that I could submit my credit card number SECURELY was awesome. Now that I have an account set up, does that mean that I will only have to update stuff next year? If so, my next year self thanks you as well!  -- Meghan Hastings-Turners Falls

"Camp Keewanee has always been a wonderful choice for our family.  We have a 9 year old and a 13 year old and they both love it!!  Ron and Sherry Wood and the rest of the staff provide a fun and safe environment for all of the children.  The free lunch program is awesome!!  Camp Keewanee has become like family to us and to our children and we would never think of sending our kids anywhere else!!" -- Lisa Granger-Greenfield

"As a working parent, it is very important to me to find summer camps for my two children. I am not looking for just any camp though - my children enjoy being outdoors, they enjoy having activities to keep them busy, and they are ready to make new friendships. I need to be reassured that my kids are in a safe environment with enriching curriculum, and the day’s activities managed by experienced staff. Our favorite features of Camp Kee-wanee are the swimming lessons, the caring and fun staff, the awesome grounds surrounded by nature at camp, and the FREE lunch for everyone! The 3-week sessions are especially appealing to our family since this amount of time really allows the staff to get to know our children, and for the kids to get to make some great friendships! Our kids have grown up going to Camp Kee-wanee in the summer, and they really can’t imagine a summer without this experience. When the kids beg to return, I know I have made a good choice for them. " -- Wendy Hubbard-Northfield

"Camp has been absolutely terrific for my children. My youngest has been there the last two summers. She's learned to love the water, develop new friendships, and adores the staff. Last year I decided with the support of the directors to send my special needs son to camp as well. He went to camp with the assistance of a one to one which Ron helped get the funding for through the Bartos Fund. Everyone was wonderful in including him thoroughly into the camp community. He was able to have an amazing experience he could have never had without the well trained, loving staff. We love camp and look forward to many fun summers there." -- Carolyn Goodnow- Shelburne Falls

"Honestly, I can't say enough about the Camp.  It's one of the only places that I can send the kids and not worry.  I know they are safe and happy. In the past, my children have participated in a variety of community and school based summer programs.  Every day began with an argument. My children weren't enjoying the experiences and I had to force them to attend. Camp Kee-wanee is the first summer program that had my children asking for more. The first summer they attended, I only signed them up for a 3 week session.  At the end, they begged to attend the second session.  Since that summer, my children attend all 6 weeks of camp each summer. Camp Kee-wanee has been so positive for our family.  Our summers have become stress free.  My children jump out of bed in the morning and actually ask me to drive them to a neighboring town so that they can catch an earlier bus to camp .The wide variety of activities and the encouraging and supportive staff  have helped my children learn and grow. They went from being children that hung out in the shallow end of the pool to competent swimmers. The musical performances have given them the courage and confidence to stand up in front of a large crowd and showcase their talent. In our family, Camp Kee-wanee = a happy stress-free summer for the whole family!" -- Amy- Greenfield

Our family loves Camp Keewanee! As parents, we love the variety of activities, including daily swim lessons, in a fun, supportive environment with wonderful instructors. Our daughter loves it for the same reasons. She is already asking about camp for next year! -- Bill and Jenn Meunier-Deerfield

"I like that my children are in a program with certified teachers and people who have experience working with kids.  I want my children to experience camp, not be babysat by teenagers." -- Anonymous

"Our family was new to the area, and our daughter had never been to any camp before.  Everything was outstanding, from the bus service to all of the fun activities to the wonderful learning opportunities.  It gave her a great chance to make some friends before starting at a new school.  I would recommend Camp Keewanee to any parents of school-age children."  -- Nancy Alexander- Greenfield

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