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Camp counselors at Camp Kee-wanee (formerly Greenfield Health Camp) in 1954
Camp Kee-wanee

Fostering Self-Esteem since 1924

We are an inclusive summer day camp that has been nurturing the creativity and self-esteem of children for over a century. Building on the rich heritage of the former Greenfield Health Camp, Camp Kee-wanee continues to embrace its founding principles while celebrating the arts and individual growth.

Our mission at Camp Kee-wanee is to provide a fun, safe, and enriching summer experience for children of all abilities. We aim to create a welcoming environment where every camper can thrive, feel secure, and gain confidence through artistic exploration and social interaction.

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Inclusivity at Our Core

In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, Camp Kee-wanee offers a much-needed retreat where kids can unplug from electronics and engage with the world around them.

We promote self-expression through diverse artistic mediums, from painting and sculpture to drama and dance, ensuring that each child can find their voice and showcase their creativity.

At Camp Kee-wanee, inclusivity is woven into the fabric of our programs. We invite children of all backgrounds and abilities to join our camp community, where diversity is celebrated and every individual is valued.

Our approach is designed to foster self-esteem and personal growth, empowering campers to discover their potential and build lasting friendships.

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Join Us

This summer, Camp Kee-wanee is the place to be for adventure, creativity, and the joy of learning in a supportive community. Each day offers new opportunities to explore, create, and grow. We are excited to continue our tradition of making summer memorable for every child.

Join us at Camp Kee-wanee, where every day is a journey of discovery and every camper is part of our family.

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